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Drone Observed Therapy System, Morning Drone Delivery Launch. @Center ValBio, Madagascar 06/2018

Welcome to Play With Technology

---Important Update---

This site is undergoing a major overhaul!

I have decided to once again shake up Play With Technology by transforming it from a standard website, into an in browser demonstration of my technologies. Though experimental, I feel this will allow a visitor to understand my technologies, projects, and overall technology roadmap both quicker and more completely than if they were reading research descriptions on a traditional website. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I wager that a fully interactive experience, if done successfully, must be worth trillions.

A subsequent phase will leverage the framework, assets, and database established by the desktop site, and use those components to increase the immersion through an augmented reality experience. This extended experience, available on mobiles and headsets without the need for an app, will bring these virtual versions of my technology out of the screen, and into a user's real-world environment. Through both of these phases of the project, I aim to create opportunity for real physical-virtual play between you the user, and the ecosystem of solutions I am developing.

I admit this overhaul is a huge gamble. Its functionality and presentation will be a very new format to all visitors. It also is a significant time commitment - if you thought nailing 2D cross browser compatibility was hard, let me tell you :p. No doubt there are many unseen growing pains ahead. However, progress in a field is not made by playing it safe. The web has historically been a text-based experience. Exploring how to break down that expectation, in a way that feels intuitive, will take experimentation.

But, exploring the potential for a technology through play, even the occasional web based one, is what excites me. I hope that when complete, this new website will do the same for you.

-Jesse McKinney